Mazzocco Sonoma

Bonus Summer Club

Your Optional & Customizable Wine Club Release

The bonus Summer Club is available through the month of June annually. This bonus Summer Club release offers an additional 10% off your regular wine club discount, the opportunity to customize this wine club release, and complimentary shipping on a case or more! This club release is optional and available exclusively for Mazzocco Sonoma Club Members, both active and suspended, through June 30.

How to Confirm, Customize or Decline Your Summer Club Offer

For assistance in confirming, customizing, or to decline the Summer Club offer, simply take the following steps: 

  • If you do not already have your Summer Club page open in another browser, log-in to your online account here to find your pending Pre-Set Summer Club Selection, or refer to your Summer Club Invitation email. You must be logged into your online account and have your Summer Club page open before proceeding with the next steps.

  • Find your name in the top right-hand corner and select My Account/Re-order.

  • Under the Summer Club section, find the pending Summer Club order dated 5/27/2021, click the order number to be re-routed to your Summer Club page. Here you will be able to make your selections by following either of the steps below.

  • CONFIRM/OPT-IN: If you would like to receive the Pre-Set Summer Club Selection as-is, simply click the "Activate Order" button.
  • CUSTOMIZE/EDIT: If you would like to customize your Summer Club, click the "Edit/Add to Order" button to be re-routed to the online Wine Shop to make your selections.
    • Click Save Changes in the top right-hand corner when you have finished making your selections. You will then be re-routed back to your Summer Club page.
    • Click Activate Order to proceed with your Summer Club order.
  • CANCEL/DECLINE: If you do not wish to receive this shipment, click the "Cancel Summer Club" link under the Activate Order button.
    • Orders that have not been confirmed by June 30th will automatically cancel.

For Further Assistance

If you require further assistance with your Summer Club or need help accessing your online account, please call (707) 433-3399 or email


SUMMER CLUB TERMS: You will only receive the Summer Club release if you confirm via online account. If customizing your Summer Club, you must select the minimum number of bottles designated based on your club level, see below.* Shipping is complimentary on a case (12 bottles) or more, excluding KY & UT.** Confirm/opt-in deadline is June 30. If you do not confirm/opt-in your Summer Club by the deadline date, your Summer Club offer will automatically expire and be voided in your online account. This optional club offer does not replace your upcoming Fall wine club release.

* Evolution, Cellar, Aviation Club: 12 bottle minimum; Cask Club: 6 bottle minimum; Barrel Club: 3 bottle minimum 

** Orders will be processed as they are received. Summer Clubs traveling to central and eastern states will be shipped temperature controlled on Fridays, allow 10-14 business days for delivery. For all other locations, your club will ship direct. Enjoy ice packs in your shipment at no additional cost. If you require a delay to your ship date, or if you prefer to pick-up your Summer Club at the winery, please include this in the comments section.