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Air Tour


One Hour Air Tour and Private Tasting

Join us for a special trip over Dry Creek! You will depart the Healdsburg Airport just steps from Mazzocco and begin a scenic journey that will introduce you to the vineyards of the Wilson Artisan Wineries. Start with vineyards overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Buddhist Temple at Odiyan. The tour continues north over Warm Springs Ranch, Smith Orchard and Lake Sonoma, then east to Alexander Valley over deLorimier and Soda Rock wineries. Return with a fly-over of the Pezzi King estate and head home to Mazzocco for a private tasting.

  • Flight Tour and Private Tastin3 Person Flight:  $85 per person;  2 Person Flight:  $127.50 per person.
  • To book your flight: Email Rob@ramaviation.com or Call (707) 479-5969 and mention Mazzocco Air Tours

Picnic Lunch

Mazzocco Picnic GroundsMazzocco Picnic Area

Enjoy a Picnic Lunch at Mazzocco

Reserve a table for your group of 6 to 12 people, and we'll have your choice of boxed lunches from Alexander Valley's Jimtown Store ready for you when you arrive. Enjoy the scenic panoramic views from our lovely picnic area while you dine and savor delicious Mazzocco wines.

  • At $35 per person, each group of 6 will receive two (2) bottles of wine to enjoy during lunch, with one (1) bottle added for groups of 7 to 12. 
  • Contact our office to inquire about availability with a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to your desired picnic date, 1-800-501-8466.


Portfolio Wine Tours

Wilson Vineyard VistaMazzocco Glasses

This VIP tour includes our wine educator who will guide you through an inside tour of select Wilson Artisan Wineries. Plus, at the winery of your choice you’ll enjoy a personalized wine country picnic lunch. 

Call today to select your four stops from the Wilson Artisan Wineries:

  • Wilson Winery - Dry Creek Valley
  • Mazzocco Winery - Dry Creek Valley 
  • Matrix Winery - Russian River Valley
  • deLorimier - Alexander Valley
  • Jaxon Keys - Mendocino County
  • Soda Rock - Alexander Valley
  • St. Anne's Crossing - Kenwood
  • Pezzi King - Dry Creek Valley

Once the reservations are made, all you need to do is sit back, relax and drink in this ultimate Wine Country experience.

  • Limited to 6 – 12 guests
  • One-week advance notice required
  • $125 - $185 per person + tax
  • Contact reservations@wilsonartisanwines.com to reserve your Ultimate Wine Country Tour!

Download a VIP tour flier with all the details.

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